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Kagamuro 6 months ago
I wont to have sex with you badly
Mazulrajas 6 months ago
this is a beautiful photo set xxxxx
Meztijin 6 months ago
Can you provide peer-reviewed studies which indicate that vaccine complications are greatly under reported to VAERS to support your claim?
Fenriramar 6 months ago
To answer your question I will have to pray about it. And I will pray for you. And I will pray the Chargers win this weekend. And I will pray for no snow. And I will pray that people stop only praying and actually change the laws. But since I dont believe in your God, I expect none of these will be answered just like those of the believers remain unanswered.
Faukora 6 months ago
Naw, Shawsy's wife carries it in her purse, that's why he's so angry all the time.